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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit


Assessment is an integral part of teaching at Smallwood Primary to ensure all children reach their potential.

We are continually assessing both informally and formally.

There are three main forms of assessment:

  • day to day formative assessment
  • in‐school summative assessment
  • national standardised summative assessment

At Smallwood we use an assessment package called Target Tracker. This allows us to track the progress and attainment of each child across every year group. Children work towards a year group band which is assessed regularly throughout the year. These bands assess each child’s progress against the age related expectations as set out by the National Curriculum. Teachers use a variety of evidence such as written work, spoken language, independent investigations, end of topic assessments and some formal testing to help form their judgements. Within a band there are six steps which the children will work through.

Each band comprises of:

  • beginning
  • beginning +,
  • working within 
  • working within +
  • secure and
  • secure +

Throughout the year we carry out moderation exercises internally and with other schools to ensure that the assessment judgements we make are consistent and accurate. We inform parents of the progress their child is making throughout the year during termly Parent Consultations and through an end of year report.