Smallwood Primary School and
Language Unit

Extra Curricular Clubs

Autumn 2021

At Smallwood, we are pleased to offer a range of extra curricular school clubs and activities throughout the school year.

You can book and pay for your child's after school club through the School Gateway app on your mobile device, or on your computer.

All clubs start during the week beginning 6th September

All clubs finish during the week beginning 6th December

Morning (8.00-8.45am) Afternoon (3.30-4.30pm)

Computing: Years 5&6 (£13.00)

Drama: Years 1&2 (£13.00)


Tuesdays Running: Years 1-6 (£13.00)

SOUL club: Years 3-6 (£45.50)

Football: Years 1&2 (£13.00)

Dance: years 1-6 (£45.50)

Wednesdays Girls' Football: Years 1-6 (£13.00)

Gymnastics: Years 2-5 (£45.50)

Netball: Years 3-6 (£13.00)

Drama: Years 3-6 (£13.00

Fridays Football: Years 3-6 (£13.00)

Tuesdays: 8.00-8.45am

Running Club Years 1-6 (£13.00)